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Duolingo Spanish Podcast

Jun 30, 2022

A young Argentinian is inspired by Greta Thunberg to create one of Argentina’s most influential environmental organizations.

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Jun 23, 2022

When Julio Cusurichi saw loggers push deeper and deeper into the Amazon, he realized they threatened both the fragile rainforest and the traditional way of life for Indigenous communities in Peru. So he decided to make it his life's work to protect Indigenous lands and rights.

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Jun 16, 2022

When primary school teacher Helena Vilardell’s students told her they wanted to ride their bikes to school, she came up with the idea of the “bicibús.” It quickly took off as a movement to take back the streets, helping create a cleaner environment and better future.

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Jun 9, 2022

A college student in Uruguay finds a way to salvage food that would otherwise be thrown away. With the help of friends, he manages to not only provide healthier food options for vulnerable communities, but also fight climate change.

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Jun 2, 2022

The Duolingo Spanish Podcast is back for a special season, with new episodes on June 9th. Listen to the trailer now!